LGBTQ+ young people

Hearing the faith stories of LGBTQ+ young people in England, funded by the Growing Faith Foundation

FINAL CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS - Sign up by 15 September

We are listening to the faith journeys of LGBTQ+ people in Y12/Y13 in England. We would like to hear and share people’s stories, so that teachers, chaplains, vicars, parents, guardians, etc will be better able to support other LGBTQ+ young people and their journeys of faith.

We want to hear from young people exploring the Christian faith, or who already consider themselves to be a Christian. Everyone's journey is unique and their interactions with God, their school, family and church may inspire others, and help adults better understand other LGBTQ+ young people.

What does this involve?

Participation will involve taking part in an interview of around 60-90 minutes with a friendly researcher. They will work with you to construct an individual timeline of your faith journey/story and how it intersects with your experience as an LGBTQ+ young person. We’ll ask you to think about your faith and let us know what feels important to you, e.g. a conversation, something you read, something you heard, and when they happened. We'll agree an anonymous version with you and ask your permission to use it in our research.

A second stage of our research is looking together at groups of timelines. We'd like to invite you to be part of that - to help us see where the similarities and differences are. You will not be in a group looking at your own timeline, and you don't have to be involved if you don't want to be.

More information

Further information for participants can be found here and for organisations, information is here

You can also see our Privacy Statement and if you have any other questions - please email

If you are interested in taking part and telling us of your faith journey, please sign up and we'll be in touch.