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Combining statistics and mission is our passion and talent

Photo of Fiona Tweedie

Rev. Dr Fiona Tweedie

Brendan Research is the work of Rev. Dr Fiona Tweedie. Fiona has a PhD in Statistics. Having worked as a Lecturer in Statistics for the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, Fiona went on to be a Mission Facilitator, Senior Researcher, Mission Statistics Coordinator, and Statistician with a variety of Church organisations.

Why Brendan?

Brendan the Navigator was a sixth century Irish monk, remembered for his missionary and pastoral journeys. A ninth century text – The Voyage of Brendan – made him the hero of a Christian adventure that included voyages to unknown lands far to the west of Ireland. His spirit of exploration, understanding, and vivid descriptions are at the heart of Brendan Research today.

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A variety of skills brings you a variety of solutions

Photo of Liam Fraser

Rev. Dr Liam Jerrold Fraser

Reverend Dr Liam Jerrold Fraser is Vice-Convener of the Church of Scotland’s Theological Forum, and Minister of St Michael’s Parish Church, Linlithgow. His first book – Atheism, Fundamentalism and the Protestant Reformation – was published by Cambridge University Press in 2018, and he is currently writing his next book Mission in Contemporary Scotland. His expertise includes missiology, contemporary Scottish context, and atheism and unbelief.

Photo of Sheila Akomiah-Conteh

Dr Sheila Akomiah-Conteh

Dr Sheila Akomiah-Conteh has a PhD in Divinity from the University of Aberdeen, where she researched the changing landscape of the church in post-Christendom Britain, with a focus on new and emerging churches in Glasgow, Scotland. Sheila is experienced in qualitative and mixed methods research design.

Photo of Sarah Reed

Research support

Fiona, Sheila and Liam are supported by Research Assistant Sarah Reed, an MSc student at Strathclyde University.