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Learning about Diaspora Churches in Scotland


Finding out about diaspora churches across Scotland, we've been in touch with over 200 congregations to hear the stories of their mission in Scotland. While traditional churches may have seen numbers fall, diaspora congregations are springing up in many towns and cities.

From European Orthodox congregations to African Pentecostal churches, from Ayr to Thurso, our report, due in June, will paint a new picture of God at work in Scotland today.


Tracing Rural Ministry Formation

// Diocese of Salisbury, Church of England

Having received funding from the Strategic Development Fund in 2017, Salisbury Diocese used a variety of strands of work to develop rural ministry formation in the diocese. Despite the massive impact of COVID-19 lockdowns, many of their targets were met, and rural worshipping community levels remain strong.

Brendan Research provided a mixed-methods evaluative review and description of the project, teasing out learning for Salisbury and other dioceses.


Evaluating an interfaith programme for young people

// Footsteps, Birmingham’s interfaith climate and environmental action group

Designed for children and young people, Small Footsteps activities were aimed at creating young leaders and campaigners. We interviewed 20 stakeholders and potential partners across different faith communities to review the programme with the aim of recommending a more effective way it could be delivered.

Funded by Footsteps and Saint Peter’s Saltley Trust, this review in summer 2022 helped Small Footsteps find a new direction.


Sharing the impact of Your Local Pantry

// Church Action on Poverty

The Your Local Pantry network has expanded hugely in the last couple of years. Brendan Research set up the survey and is analysing responses from hundreds of Pantry members, learning what is important to them, and enabling the voices of Pantry members to be heard by funders and leaders at local and national levels.


Helping Ministry Areas in Wales understand their communities

// Church in Wales

As the Dioceses of the Church in Wales formed new Ministry Area structures, Brendan Research provided dashboards to help congregations, priests and diocesan staff understand their new areas.

In both Welsh and English, the dashboards contain the latest information on deprivation and population as well as Census data. Church in Wales area statistics are also included.

This work included modelling ministry-area-level statistics and generating maps, charts and tables to display data in helpful ways for each ministry area.


Listening in Love and Faith

// Church of England

Brendan Research worked with the Church of England to listen to its parishioners who have engaged with the "Living in Love and Faith" course - a five week course discussing questions about identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage, and asking what it means to live in love and faith together as a church. We assisted with the design of a questionnaire to gather quantitative and qualitative responses, and analysed the thousands of submissions, presenting the results in graphs, infographics, maps and thematic analyses.

Our reports were published in September 2022 are available here.

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