Statistics to help the Church navigate with confidence

Brendan Research specialises in statistical and geographical analysis for Christian organisations and denominations so they can take confident steps in a changing world.

Discover the unknown
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1. Discover the data you need

Do you know what you need to move forward? What would you like to discover to help you make decisions? We're here so you can find the data you need.

2. Ensure quality data, not just any data

Anybody can find data. But, good data requires diligence to source from hard to reach places, and expertise to analyse with clarity and accuracy. We have both.

3. Tell the story of data in a way that can be understood

All the data in the world will not solve problems if it is left in a spreadsheet or in a report that no one reads. We help make changes by communicating results well.

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Our Process


We seek out existing data, and identify the areas we need to survey. Whether quantitative, qualitative or geographic, we bring data to find answers to your questions.


We delve into the data - we visualise, map, test, summarise. We find answers to your questions with expert cross-disciplinary methodology.


We share what we have learned in creative ways. From infographics and dashboards through to summary reports and technical documents, we communicate effectively for your audience.

Our Services

Brendan Research can work independently or collaborate to complement your existing expertise.
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Research management

Full project management from development of research questions through to publication, advice on particular aspects of work, or signposting to other practitioners, we can meet your research needs.

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Multi-disciplinary analysis

We bring together insights from qualitative, quantitative and statistical methods, official statistics and spatial analysis, along with cultural and societal factors, to give you the widest variety of options in research.

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Impact and evaluation reports

Discover how your programmes and activities have affected participants. What have your clients valued, and what can you learn from this for the future?


Data visualisation & audience-targeted reports

Bespoke images - maps, graphs, charts - that enable understanding of the shape of your data. Individual solutions enable clear communication and increased understanding, letting the data tell its story.

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Small area mapping

Digitising boundaries opens doors to online government statistics, starting conversations between your own data and community information. Discover your area through public information.

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Survey design

High quality survey design increases completion rates and minimises costs. Improving engagement leads to better understanding, and higher confidence in the conclusions.

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