Deprivation Dashboards for Scotland

Brendan Research worked with the Priority Areas Team of the Church of Scotland to produce profiles showing the deprivation levels and updated population estimates for every parish in Scotland.

The dashboards show the deprivation levels from the 2020 Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) across the parish, with those in the most deprived 5%, 10% and 20% data zones highlighted on a map of the parish. We also include a "If your parish were a village of 100 people..." section highlighting certain measures within the SIMD, such as the percentage of people prescribed drugs for anxiety, depression or psychosis, and the percentage of premises without access to superfast broadband - a new measure in SIMD2020.

The recently released 2020 Small-Area Population Estimates are also modelled to the parish boundaries, allowing for an understanding of the present population structure. We give the 2011 Census figures as well, allowing for comparisons to be made.

The dashboards are available from the Church of Scotland website, via the "Find Your Local Church" section.

Brendan Research specialises in bespoke small-area geographies, data visualisation, and connecting communities with the official statistics for their area. Contact us to find out more.