Ethnic Minority Christianity in Scotland: Nature, Contribution and Challenges

Investigating and reporting on the mission and experiences of ethnic minority Christian leaders in contemporary Scotland.

Brendan Research, with funding from ACTS, are excited to announce that our research exploring the scope, nature and experiences of ethnic minority and new migrant congregations in contemporary Scotland is now being published!

Introduced at the A Future with Hope: Ressurection not Restoration conference in March 2024, conference slides are available here, and a short paper will be published in Theology in Scotland in the Autumn. Further reports will appear shortly.

We are combining skills in mapping, quantitatiave and qualitative analysis to investigate and report on the mission and experiences of ethnic minority Christian leaders in Scotland, including:

• The number of ethnic minority congregations in Scotland and map their distribution across the country
• Understand their mission and explore their experiences of ministering in Scotland
• Determine any challenges they face in society and in their Christian ministry
• Explore opportunities for building ecumenical partnerships, dialogue and cross-cultural learning

Are you a church leader in Scotland? Do you lead a congregation with a significant ethnic minority membership?
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If you would like to view the questions first, a PDF can be found here.

This work is led by Dr Sheila Akomiah-Conteh, author of "The Changing Landscape of the Church in Post-Christendom Britain: New Churches in Glasgow 2000 – 2016", supported by Rev Dr Ibidun Daramola, Rev Dr Fiona Tweedie and Rev Dr Liam Jerrold Fraser, author of "Mission in Contemporary Scotland".

For more information, or to get involved, please contact Dr Akomiah-Conteh